DS! Juliet et Justine, Angelic Pretty, Putamayo

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- I only accept Payment via Paypal
- I ship from the UK
- I do not own any pets and I do not smoke
- Postage for the UK will be included if your outside the UK please comment for a shipping quote
- I accept payment plan no longer then 3 weeks with a 20% non refundable deposit.


Juliette et Justine skirt - Jupe du Lapin et camee in sax
Size 2 fully shirred waist easily stretches up to a 40 inch waist.
I bought it at the Tea Party club Frock On event and wore it briefly for a couple of hours.
I just cant pull of skirts so it needs a new home


Juliette et Justine Ange et bouquet skirt black Size 1 but has a fully shirred waist. Easily stretches to a 36 inch waist.
Bought from the original owner who wore it once. I have worn it a few times and it is in great condition.
Lovely skirt but i wear dresses more so it needs a new home


Angelic Pretty pink wristcuffs DAMAGED £10
I bought these and have worn them a lot. They are still usable but they have a few damages which i have pictured below.
The first is the string of pearls on the one string the stitching came undone. I previously had sewn it back on but it has come undone again and will need fixing.
The second is slight fraying on the cuff which is photo'd. Damages have been reflected in the price.



Angelic Pretty bolero.
The fur neck piece is missing i received it that way.
It has a general feeling of use.



Putamayo skirt
Bought off mbok and never worn. Fully elasticated waist but would fit up to a 28inch waist max.



Any questions please leave a comment or pm me :)


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I am looking for the items listed below. Obviously I cannot afford every single piece right this moment but I am interested in having them all. Please be aware that I am only interested in the items pictured and not any other versions or colourways.
I live in the UK so please include shipping quotes in with your prices.
I may need a small payment plan so please bare this in mind.
Links to auctions or to other sales pages are most welcomed.

Let me throw my money at you both metaphorically and physically.


Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream house jsk *fully shirred* in caramel or brown

Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern jsk in black

Angelic Pretty Freshly Picked Strawberries Shirring jsk

Angelic Pretty Misty sky re release in dark blue (I would be interested in any matching head wear with this item)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Halloween Alice jsk (fully shirred)

Moi Meme Moitie Divine Cross Print jsk black x silver
Only interested in the Sendai store sun dress version with the fully shirred back

However if you have the black x blue or black x gold i might be interested.

Also if purchased i will be looking for a black moitie headbow


Juliette et Justine BLACK CROSS TIGHTS
unless I have lost all capability of googling I cannot find a photo
Might be interested in the green versions as well but black is my main priority


The Bat bag


!DT - Direct Trade/!DS - Direct Sale Angelic Pretty Happy Garden set (black)

My feedback link is here

My ebay feedback is here
Terms of sale

- I only accept payment via paypal
- Shipping is not included in the sales price. Please leave your location for an estimate 
- I will consider a payment plan. Just comment and we can have a chat about it :)
- I am not responsible for any lost packages once they leave my hands 
- I own a cat and my boyfriends mum and brother smoke but my clothes are out of bounds to all of them!
- I will have the item dry cleaned before sending

I am looking to trade my Angelic Pretty Happy Garden OP set in black for the Jsk set in blue.
The set includes
-neck ties
-waist ties
-tag and fabric swatch and spare button

Sorry for the awfully bad photo I can get more photos up asap.

Here is the AP stock photos

Collapse )

If I cant find a trade for it I will consider selling it for around £180 shipped in the UK. For other countries it may be a bit more. 

For any other information please ask :)


Things have been going pretty well recently. :D

I am aiming to finish college by may and i only have to go in two days a week now which is so much easier for me.

Last night i made myself a lolita penpal. Were going to write letters to each other and hopefully maybe meet up one day. =^.^=
I would love to meet up with some UK lolitas. It's just finding them!!!! I would love to go to a meetup so maybe once i move back home it will be so much easier :)

I made another bodyline order the other day i receved it friday :D

I got a yellow carousel jsk
Red stipey skirt
a black shirt with bunny ears
Poodle socks
Black replica BTSSB shoes
and a cute little flower broach clip

so i am quite happy :D

Also i found an extremely old photo of me but i NEED these jeans

This is like 4 years ago aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha

i wore them to death and never replaced them :(

How is everyone??


MCM expo

 On saturday i went to the MCM expo. As it was my first convention i had no idea what to expect. As i don't know Telford very well me and Jordan did have a bit of trouble finding the international centre where it was being held. We ended up walking the wrong wag and ended up on the side of this roundabout by the dual carriage/motorway. This was at the point some awfully rude "thing" rolled down her window and decide to scream something. I only heard gay. So i took it as a compliment thay she took the time out of her day to scream abuse at me. I was important ^^
It was the first day i wore Happy Garden and lolita out of the house. I knew i was going to get stick off some people but she was the only one. :D
Sucesss Telford:D

When we finally found our way to the centre i could just see colour everywhere. There were so many people cosplaying it was awesome. I had my photo taken with so many people but my favourite was with Envy and Hawkeye. I just adore FMA!!!!

I met some really cool people and had a really good day. When i first walked in to the convention i had this girl run up and ask for a photo with me. That really made my day as noone ever wants to take photos with me.

I also met another lolita called Isobel. Living in a rural village in Wales everyone is stuck in this bubble and i have always felt outside of it. As i have never personally met other lolitas it was really nice to meet someone so friendly as her. I have her facbook and hopefully were going to set a mini meet up so we can hopefully meet others and get a group which would be amazing ^^

All in all i had a really good day ^^

Me and jordan are going to the cinema on Thursday as i have a day off from work. I hope Paul is good ^^ I wanted to see Black Swan as well but with public transport being as dodgy as it is we wouldn't be able to get back that late in the evening ><

I hope everyone is having a god day and had a nice weekend 

Happy garden

Curently bidding on Angelic pretty Happy garden!!
I really hope i win it ^_^

I adore AP prints =D
It includes the matching socks and head bow aswell.

Lots of college work on at the moment which sucks and i'm not allowed to book any more timeoff work at the moment which i am not very happy about. As alli do is work and college =(

I did go out last night with some friends from college Aimee and Kelly which was awesome!! Meal and cocktails ^^
i'll upload photos when my camera is not dead ! It was so much fun though.

I am going late birthday shopping tomorrow as it was my 18th on the 15th of January with Jordan. I saw family and friends on the weekend so it will benice to spend a day with him out. I've got vouchers to spend =)

Btw I'm going to the Teford convention on the 19th of Febraury. Anyone else going? I love meetingnew people. Hopefully i'll be able to wear a happy garden cord.


It just seems like more than i can be bothered with at the moment. To be honest i think i need a holiday!!
But my japan savings are still spitting moths out.

On a lighter subjest my bodyline order cam through today. I'm still at collage so i haven't seen it yet =S
Macaroon print skirt here i come!!!

I had the DHL man ring me at college so at least i know it's arrived ^_^

Can't wait to get home now.
Well back to accoutning i guess

Have a good day!!


No more snow just deathly ice >

Three days ago it snowed. It was beautiful and covered the landscape in front of the house in a lovely fluffy white blanket.
Three days later it is now 2 inches worth of ice and appears to be going nowhere =(


Because of this stupid weather everyone had been impulse buying and stocking up. Also with Christmas people are doing it even more.
I work in the local village Spar this time of year my shift usually drags on. 
I instead today it went super super quick =D

Me and Steve think there's a creepy old man or ghost that lives in the dungeon of the stock room >>
This thought scares me Quite a bit =(
I don't like the idea of something scaring me. I also HATE the dark. 
I'm nearly 18 and I have a night light.

"I'm just letting you in on how cool I really am =D"

Besides work I managed to wrap the rest of the presents i have received through the post/avon etc.
I am also mostly pack to go home to Stourport to see my family !!!!! God I miss them so much =(

I have also ordered some new Lolita clothes!!
A pair of tea party shoes, sailor cut blouse, socks, and two replica JSK's

Wonder cookie in pink and Little bears cafe in green  nomnomnomnomnomn

I'd buy the real thing but at the moment with my "figure" i'm a little bit too big ><

I first saw this print in pink and wasn't a fan =|
But after seeing it in Green=O
Love ♥♥♥♥♥♥ 

Hello ^_^

 Hey everyone my name is Frankie!!
I'm rubbish with computers so sorry if I'm slow on the update ><

Not much interesting happens to me but I'll try and update as much as possible!!

Today I was meant to go to college. I was up and ready and out the house just before 6.30am. 
I was there at the bus stop waiting and waiting and it never showed up ><
I ended up standing in the cold for half an hour before I gave up.
So I ended up going home and tidying for a bit and got cold and went for a nap =D
The rest of my day was spent in between tidying, wrapping presents, doing assignments and browsing the internet.

Pretty dull day <<
Although my weekend was pretty full
It was my friend Cai's 18th on Friday so there was this party at the local pub. Living in a small Welsh village everyone knows everyone so most people were there. It was packed and i knew a lot of people which made the night so much fun ^^
I was meant to be not drinking but with my mate Steve there offering me free Southern Comforts what is a girl to do.
I ended up getting super super drunk and was still drunk when i had to leave for work thee next day at 1pm >_<
Worst experience ever =(

There was also a massive pub fight, a table flipped and glass smashed everywhere in front of me. Even so it was still a good night!

Did anyone else have a good weekend?????

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